Product description

Burratina is a spun paste fresh cheese, similar to mozzarella with a softer and stringier consistency. This cheese is typical of Murgia, a region in Puglia, specifically from Corato (Bari) where it was first made, but is also common in other places of the same region. It is spherical with a diameter of 4-7 cm and a smooth glossy skin. It is sweet and buttery. Burratina is hand processed with a filling of milk cream and bits of stringy mozzarella dough.  This filling is in fact called stracciatella (ripped bits) because the dough is hand ripped into small bits and placed inside the “bag” of mozzarella dough.

Ingredients: cow milk, uht cream, salt and rennet.
Weight: approximately 125 g.
Packing: food plastic bag, externally decorated with green leaves.
Shelf life of packed product: 9 days.

Cheese characteristics:
SHAPE: looks like a small pear, tied around the top end to keep the filling inside.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: this cheese has a characteristic porcelain white appearance and glistening skin.
INTERNAL FEATURES: when burrata is cut in half, white liquid cream and stretchy strings of paste pour out.
AROMA: strong scents of butter and milk.
FLAVOUR: balanced, salty but sweet, the paste is oily and fatty.

Availability: all year, but must be ordered.

Food pairing: Great with fresh truffles in flakes, but it is good in so many combinations both as it is or cooked to make first course dishes served warm.
Wine pairing: White wines that are not too aromatic or mature, great with sparkling wines.

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Small Burrata



Trays with 8 pieces

Weight per piece
1 kg (8 pieces da 125gr)

Pieces per box
2 trays

Refrigerate from 0°c to +4°C

Refrigerate from 0°c to +4°C

Product life in sealed packing
9 days

Minimum Order
1 box

Environmental labeling

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