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This cheese is one of our new creations, it definitely draws one’s attention, however, there is so much more behind this unique exterior. Two natural colourings are used on the rind, annatto for the red and vegetable charcoal for the black. The simple and incredibly delicate flavour of this cheese shows its true character and is what makes it a “must try”. It definitely charms. The dough is soft and becomes creamier at room temperature where it should be kept at least one hour before serving.

Ingredients: pasteurised cow and sheep MILK, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt.
Weight: approximately 300 gr.
Packing: wrapped in cling film.
Shelf life of packed product: 30 days.


Cheese characteristics:
SHAPE:  it is a rectangular block of cheese with barely rounded  surfaces and sides.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: the rind is thin and a bit moist and sticky because of the Penicillium which has spread externally, it is orangey with white mould and black where the vegetable charcoal was spread on it.
INTERNAL FEATURES: the paste is soft, moist, straw yellow and carries very fine unevenly spread out eyes.
ODOR: scents of yogurt, fresh butter as well as green grass, but mainly mild sheep and barn hints.
FLAVOUR:  very sweet, mildly salty, the paste is a bit grainy and sticky initially, but then is quite soluble in the mouth. Medium persistence.

Availability: all year, but must be ordered.

Food pairing: it is a must on a cheese platter, yet it can be used to prepare antipasto dishes which require cheese that melts well, and in a variety of rice and pasta recipes.

Wine pairing: not very structured white wine.

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“La Scacchiera” – The Chessboard



Piece wrapped in cling film

Weight per piece
300 gr

Pieces per box
8 pieces

Refrigerate from 0°C at +4°C


Refrigerate from 0°C at +4°C

Product life in sealed packing
30 days

Minimum order
1 piece

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