Product description

Pure goat’s cheese, can also be defined as “an intruder”, in our assortment of sheep’s milk cheese, there is a cheese made only from goat’s milk, but the characteristic is that this cheese is made in the usual system of sheep’s milk cheese, over the years we have always improved until it reaches various coveted awards, in many national and international competitions:
At the National Competition “All’ombra della Madonnina”, (the only competition in Italy that rewards cheeses made exclusively from goat’s milk) in 2016 we won the Quality Award, in 2017 the Superior Quality Award and in 2018 the Excellence Plate.
At the World Cheese Awards silver medal in 2015-2016 and the Bronze Medal in 2018-2019.
Gold Medal at the San Lucio Trophy 2016 as the best aged goat’s cheese.
The milk after being pasteurized, is brought to 36 ° C, added calf rennet and selected cultures, after about 30 minutes the curd is broken into grain size of corn, and since it is a raw paste, immediately placed the curd in the molds. The salting takes place in brine, immediately after it is taken to our rooms of first maturation for the first 60 days, and then finish the part of aging in the caves for another 10 months.
Defined as a RESERVE cheese because recently, this cheese is not put on sale before the completion of the 12 months of maturation.

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat MILK, lactic ferments, rennet and salt. Surface treated with oil and vinegar.
Size: Kg about 2.5
Packaging: bare form (can also be vacuum-fed on request)
Shelf life of the packaged product: 120 days.

Product Features: 

Shape: cylindrical with flat faces even if slightly convex due to the seasoning and straight sides and rounded edge;
External appearance: the crust is hard, wrinkled and slightly greasy, due to the treatment in the crust, dark
amber, light brown with the presence of darker patches;
Internal appearance: the paste is hard and compact, straw yellow in color with a medium nail of darker
color and the eyewear is present in a homogeneous and evenly distributed way;
Smell: a characteristic Irish animal although not too pronounced, lactic of cooked butter and hay vegetable;
Taste: medium high sweetness, but then comes out the medium saltiness that becomes  more spicy with the increase of the seasoning. In the mouth it is grainy, but overall quite soluble. It has a high persistence. You notice a slight acidity but that overall makes it pleasant and balanced.

Availability: Limited.

Gastronomic pairings: it is well placed both in a plate of appetizers with cold cuts and vegetables, or even in a plate of mixed cheeses, when very seasoned also to be used grated for the creation of risottos or flans with vegetables.

Wine pairings: full-bodied red wine with a good structure.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 grams of product:

  • Energy value KJ 1783.5 – kcal 428.4
  • Fats gr 35.8
  • Of which saturated fatty acids gr 25.2
  • Carbohydrates gr <0.1
  • Of which sugars gr <0,1
  • Proteins gr 26.5
  • Salt gr 2,2

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK derivatives.

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Caprone – Goat cheese aged RESERVE

Product Code

Unit of measurement

Type of shape
Diameter 18 cm (with flat faces and slightly convex 9 cm heel)

Weight per Shape
Approximately 2.5 kg

Box shapes
1 piece

Storage conditions
In the refrigerator from +4°C to +8°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from 0°C to +8°C

Product life with sealed packaging
About 120 days

Minimum order
1 shape

Environmental labeling

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