World Cheese Awards – De’ Magi has performed a magic

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The 2022 edition of the world cheese awards set a real record, in fact admitted to the world competition dedicated to cheeses there were 4434 members, from 900 producers from 42 different countries.

265 judges from 38 countries came to this edition, held in Newport, Wales, each of whom tasted, smelled and classified around 50 cheeses. The over 4 thousand cheeses were classified in the four categories Bronze, Silver, Gold and Super Gold, in which Italy had a total of 290 winning products, of which 14 super gold, 52 gold, 98 silver and 126 bronze.

Among the 98 Super Gold cheeses, the qualified jury of experts selected 16 for the grand final. The winner of the world cheese awards 2022 was the Swiss gruyere from the Vorderfultigen company refined by Gourmino.

The real news, however, is that the Swiss gruyere won with 103 points and slightly beat our Sweet Gorgonzola DOP, which finished second in the world with 98 points.

What to say? The emotion is strong because knowing that one of our cheeses, selected for a long time, has obtained such an important placement and recognition, fills us with pride, above all for our choices of good cheese makers and producers whom we use to offer our customers only the Better!

But that’s not all, in addition to the super gold with the sweet gorgonzola dop we also obtained a gold medal with our brand new blue cheese, with a curious name, COCONUT LA MELA, refined with green apple liqueur, pomegranate seeds, glazed with chocolate and coconut flakes.

To crown it all also a splendid Bronze medal on another Spicy Gorgonzola DOP, which once again confirms the ability not only to practice the right refinement and achieve the correct maturation of the cheeses, but at the base of everything there is knowing how to choose the right partner knows how to produce to high standards, as required by our company.

It is well known that every refiner is a little jealous of his suppliers, sometimes guardians of his recipes, but such great joy and satisfaction cannot be enjoyed alone, and since we are used to sharing our small and big successes with people who they deserve, first of all we share this award with the cameri dairy, the true artist of this splendid dairy jewel; not only that, I would like to share this joy with all the staff who make up the de magi company and who every day try to maintain the utmost attention and commitment, to fulfill their respective duties. Last but not least, I share these results with my family, my mother, my wife, my children and all the people who love me.


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