The caves

The caves are the real feather in De’ Magi’s cap. The place where much of the magic happens, or alchemy as Andrea would say! They were born from a dream, that of refining cheeses inside real natural caves, but at the same time preserving a high level of environmental healthiness and quality control of the product, because cheeses, unlike wine for example, are in direct contact with the external environment and very little is needed to change their evolution. It is from here that the dream becomes reality with the first drawings in which Andrea imagines how his “aging places” should be built and how the microclimate control system should work. But Andrea is Tuscan! And as we said in his story, a sense of detail and aesthetics are part of the DNA that this land gives you from birth. If they were desired and imagined as caves, then caves they will be, and that’s how he designs them, with barrel vaulting and stone walls. In 2011, the aging caves were finally born where even today, some of De’ Magi’s most iconic cheeses mature.

We put all our effort and passion into trying to explain the caves to you, but you cannot fully understand them unless you visit and experience the explosion of the smell of cheese when you open the doors

Refined as in the past

An ancient practice, able to create unique cheeses

The seasoning in the cave is a practice that dates back to ancient days. Light , humidity and temperature are three decisive elements for the proper maturation of cheese and, before they could be controlled, the natural caves which were mainly in Central Italy, were the ideal solution to refine the cheese.

So far, the cave , with its particular shape and its microclimate, it is the best environment for the process of aging, especially if the use of appropriate technologies (thermometers, moisture meters ) allows you to check in detail the whole process.

Two caves covered in stone have been built inside the DeMagi headquarters, digging into the ground and installing a technological system that allows you to remotely control the microclimate of both. A clear choice, strongly desired to refine the cheese in the best way, or by combining the teachings of tradition with the benefits of technology.

Inside the caves the cheeses are seasoned on axes of different woods, according to the type of cheese, or inside barrels in the case of herbed cheeses or a particular maturation (under must , for example) or even in jars with leaves (walnut, olive, fig, chestnut…).

But not only. The caves also allow you to experiment with combinations and special seasoning processes in order to literally create a unique variety, able to excel with fragrance, textures and flavors never tasted before.

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