Product description

This cheese had not yet been presented and put on the market and had already received a prize at a National competition: in 2014 at INFINITI BLU where it received the QUALITY plate, in 2016 he has been the winner of EXCELLENCE plate.

It takes its name from the PANBRIACONE, a well-known Tuscan dessert produced by the Bonci family of Montevarchi in Val d’Arno (AR) who kindly granted us the use of their secret alcoholic bath and the raisins used in their precious dessert. From the study of the refiner and the advise of the master pastry chef came out this blue cow cheese aged under this bath.

It has a compact and soft structure, very humid and wet inside, since the wet penetrates easily as the cheese is impregnated by this pleasant nectar.

The flavor of this cheese is contrasted with the sweetness of the raisins soaked in the bagna, creating a truly surprising result that excites anyone who tastes it, calling it an “orgasmic” cheese.

Cheese to be enjoyed at the end of a meal, just instead of dessert, but we also like to call it a meditation cheese given its pleasantness as with some types of fine wine.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow’s MILK, pasteurized CREAM, lactic acid, rennet, salt, penicillium roqueforti, food bath and raisins.

Size:Approximately 3.0 kg
Packaging: form wrapped in aluminized paper and vacuum-packed
Shelf life of the packaged product: 30 days

Product Features: 
: cylindrical with flat faces and straight sides and freshly beveled edge;

External appearance: in the crust of low consistency there are in the two faces the raisins that keep the surface wet helping to make it even softer. The loaded straw color tends to be amber and in some places darker green patches may be present;

Internal appearance: very thin nail, the paste is soft but not soft, very humid, tends to break during the cut especially if you do not use a suitable knife. The color varies from ivory white to straw yellow discharge but also amber where the alcoholic wet is deposited. The herbality of color tending more to blue than to green with a fairly homogeneous distribution of molds;

Smell: alcoholic, characteristically fruity that blends with the stable animal, followed by the vegetable of porcine mushroom and hints of undergrowth;

Taste: medium sweet, medium high flavor, a slight acidity, pungent alcohol and very persistent, but very mitigated if the crust is also eaten and in particular if the raisins are also enjoyed.

Availability: very limited.

Gastronomic pairings: awe absolutely recommend it as an end-of-meal or meditation cheese, but those who
want you can also indulge in other uses for the preparation of dishes.

Wine pairings:Any sweet dessert wine with very little acidity.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 grams of product:

  • Energy value KJ 1681 – kcal 405
  • Fats gr 33
  • Of which saturated fatty acids gr 24
  • Carbohydrates gr 6.65
  • Of which sugars gr 5.7
  • Proteins gr 19
  • Salt gr 1,2

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK derivatives.

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BRIACACIO – Blue Cheese of cow’s milk

Product code
Unit of measurement
Type of packaging
Vacuum wrapped form with tinfoil
Weight per pack
About 3Kg
Box Packs
1 shape
Storage conditions
In the refrigerator from 0°C to +4°C
Means of transport
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C
Product life with sealed packaging
30 days
Minimum order
1 box

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