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Raw milk cheese, whole goat’s milk, skilfully worked with French technique, with a very white, soft but compact paste and with its typically rough rind, a symptom of its aging process. On the sub-crost it will tend to become softer, indeed, creamy and its typically flowery rind, treated with charcoal tends to slightly separate from the paste when it is very mature.

Called Caprinero because it is a goat’s milk cheese coloured black.

The crust, as for all the flowered crusts, must be eaten.

At the National Cheese Competition in the Shadow of the Madonnina, in 2018 he was awarded the Superior Quality Prize.
He also won 1st place in the “Crudi in Italia” 2018 competition.


Ingredients: Raw goat milk, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt, crusted with vegetable charcoal.
Size: about 150 grams.
Packaging: in the wooden tray with thermo-filmed film.
Duration of the packaged product: 25 days.

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK proteins.

Product features:
Shape: cylindrical with flat faces and straight sides slightly irregular, all this because during maturation tends to deform, creating domes and depressions;
External appearance: very thin, wrinkled, flowery and slightly moist and sticky rind due to the penicillium spread on the outside, its dark grey colour with white spots;
Internal appearance: soft but compact cream-white paste, pinstripe at the centre and slightly creamy under the rind, particularly near the heel, initially adhesive to the palate but then very soluble;
Smell: of yeast and bread crust, with a strong animal smell typical of goat’s hercine;
Taste: sweet medium, salty medium to low, medium acid and a slight bitter note, sometimes in the crust we can have a feeling of ammonia. It has a medium-high aromatic persistence.


Availability: limited and to be booked.

Food pairings: it cannot be missing in a cheese dish, also considering its beautiful aesthetic presentation, but its use in the kitchen is really varied, both in appetizers and first courses (both as a use in the sauce or for the realization of fillings for fresh stuffed pasta).

Oenological pairings: fresh and aromatic white wine, but with character.

MEDIUM NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 gr of product:

  • Energy value kcal 290
  • Energy value KJ 1200
  • Fats 25 gr
    of which saturated fatty acids 18 gr
  • Carbohydrates 1,8 gr
    of which sugars 1,8 gr
  • Protein 14 gr
  • Salt 1 gr

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“Caprinero” – Goat’s cheese with raw milk

Product code

Unit of measurement

Type of packaging
Round and high nude shape

Weight per shape
About 150 gr

Box shapes
6 forms

Storage conditions
In the refrigerator from 0°C to +4°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Product life with sealed packaging
25 days

Minimum order
1 box

Environmental labeling

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