Product description

When talking about Taleggio PDO, there can be various nuances within this type of cheese, for us this is “the Taleggio”, the one for the true connoisseurs and lovers of this type of cheese. It is not an “easy” cheese and for all palates like the other green wrapper we have in our assortment, this one is rich in scents and aromas, intense and with a strong character. This one is also made from whole cow’s milk and raw dough, but with a maturation of about 90 days and some small but fundamental differences during the processing in the boiler.

In addition to its aromatic profile, it is distinguished by the structure of its paste, which is more chalky in the centre and more creamy in the undercrust. We propose it with the conviction that those who get to know it and those who offer it for comparison with other taleggios cannot fail to be pleasantly impressed, but as is usually said, there is no question of taste.

The rind is ‘discretely edible’, what does that mean? This means that it can be eaten, but those who do not like it can remove it for a more delicate taste.

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow’s milk, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt.
Size: about 1900 gr
Packaging: form wrapped in parchment paper
Shelf life of packaged product: 30 days
Product characteristics
Shape: parallelepipedal with a flattened square base, flat but slightly rounded sides and straight but slightly convex heel and slightly rounded edge;
External appearance: thin, slightly moist and sticky rind due to mould that has spread outside, its colour is orange with white and sage-grey mould;
Internal appearance: soft, moist paste, almost no holes, in any case sparse and irregular, uneven, the colour is ivory in the chalky paste and turns towards pale straw yellow in the undercrust;
Odour: it is characteristic and very aromatic, sometimes with truffle and undergrowth notes and with an ammoniacal scent especially in the rind, in the middle of the paste there is a lactic taste of yoghurt and butter, but also of grass and animals from the stable;
Taste: medium flavour, medium-low sweetness, low acidity, the paste is slightly sticky especially in the centre, deformable and grainy, but all in all also quite soluble in the mouth with a medium persistence, medium-high if eaten with the rind.
Availability: all year round.

Food pairings: it certainly enhances a mixed cheese dish, but it can also be used for the preparation of appetizers in which the cheese must melt or first courses such as risottos or short pasta…. but its “death” is in polenta.

Wine pairings: not very structured red wine.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of product:

Energy value KJ 1319 – kcal 315
Fats gr 26,2
of which saturated fatty acids gr 16,8
Carbohydrates gr 0,9
of which sugars gr 0,9
Protein gr 19
Salt gr 2,1

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK derivatives.

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Taleggio DOP (brown wrapping)

Product code

Unit of measurement

Packaging type
Shape wrapped in parchment paper

Weight per form
Approx. 1.9 kg

Piece per package
1 form

Storage conditions
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated 0°C to +4°C

Shelf life in a sealed package
30 days

Minimum order quantity
1 Package

Environmental labeling

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22 e 23 ottobre 2023


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