Product description

Lombard production, with cow’s milk has a characteristic washed rind, just the name comes from this since it is a cheese of the Bergamo plain, washed rind… so we called it Lavatella. At least 3 washes are repeated with a brine composed of water and Cervia salt. Handcrafted is an excellent alternative to the Formajo del Polentone and given its smaller size can be appreciated by more people.
These smaller dimensions (diameter of 10 cm and a height of about 4/5 cm, the average size of 750gr), compared to its larger “relative”, make it very different both in terms of aromas and flavors, in fact this is more flavorful, since the salt will act differently in the crust and therefore in the penetration into it.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s MILK, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt.
Size: about 750 gram.
Packaging: shape wrapped with transparent film.
Duration of the packaged product: 30 days.

Product features:
Shape: flat cylindrical, with flat faces but just convex and straight sides but just convex and rounded edge;
External appearance: thin, slightly moist and sticky rind due to the mould that has spread to the outside, its colour is orange with white and grey moulds;
Internal appearance: soft, moist paste, irregular, unevenly spread eyes, straw yellow in colour;
Smell: of yoghurt and cooked butter, a vegetal note of fresh grass, but above all an animal scent and in the rind also a characteristic ammonia;
Flavour: fairly salty, it has a slightly adhesive paste at the beginning, very deformable but all in all fairly soluble in the mouth with an aroma of medium persistence, high if eaten with the rind.

Availability: all year round.
Food pairings: it certainly embellishes a mixed dish of cheeses, but it can also be used for the preparation of appetizers in which the cheese must melt or first courses such as risottos or short pasta …. but its “death” is in the polenta.
Oenological pairings: not very structured white wine.

MEDIUM NUTRITIONAL VALUES for 100 grams of product:

  • Energy value kcal 260
  • Energy value KJ 1037
  • Fats 20 grams of which saturated fatty acids 14 grams
  • Carbohydrates 0,6 gram of which sugars 0,6 gram
  • Protein 18 grams
  • Salt 2,1 grams

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK proteins.

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“Lavatella” – cow’s milk washed-crust

Product code

Unit of measurement

Type of packaging
Form wrapped with a transparent film

Weight per shape
About 750 grams

Box shapes
4 forms

Storage conditions
In the refrigerator from 0°C to +4°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Product life with sealed packaging
30 days

Minimum order
1 formina

Environmental labeling

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