Product description

Lavandino not because the cheese is washed, but because it is aged with flowers of Lavender, is a pecorino … so combining the two words you get “the Lavandino”.

Definitely a cheese that is out of the box, born from imagination and randomness, produced in 2017 for the first time with a circulation of only 30 units. It consists in inserting the pecorino cheese inside the terracotta jars together with the lavender flowers, they remain in our underground caves, in the dark, for one or over two months, the result is this intense and characteristic smell in the crust that strongly characterizes even the under crust.

This is another of our rare cheeses, since it is available only at the time of the year and in any case very particular, with a characteristic and enveloping taste.

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat’s milk, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt, treated in a crust with dried lavender flowers.

Size: about 1.3 kg
Packaging: vacuum bag
Duration of the packaged product: 90 days.

ALLERGENS: Milk and milk proteins.

Product features:

Shape: irregular cylindrical shape with irregular flat faces and irregular convex heel due to the slight deformation of the same during the refining phase;
External appearance: the crust is thin and rough, moulded, with the presence of lavender flowers that inevitably stick during the maturing process; the colour of the crust is deep straw yellow, light grey and green, due to the possible presence of mould (this depends on where the cheese was when it was matured);

Internal appearance: inside the paste is pinstripe, white in colour tending towards straw-coloured near the rind, therefore with a rather evident nail and there are irregular holes spread unevenly;

Odour: lactic butter but also a slight scent of boiled vegetables such as cauliflower, and especially in the crust and in the crust a floral sensation that recalls precisely the lavender and undergrowth because of the mold;
Taste: in the mouth it is crumbly, has a balanced taste, medium low salty and medium sweet, with a slightly acidic note and a hint of bitterness.

Availability: seasonal and very limited.

Food pairings: excellent on a cheese plate, as an appetizer or to make tastings in a horizontal pecorino cheese dish.

Oenological pairings: red wine of medium structure and if white not too aromatic.

MEDIUM NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of product:

  • Energy value kcal 379
  • Energy value KJ 1606
  • Fats 31 gr
    of which saturated fatty acids 20 gr
  • Carbohydrates 2,3 gr
    of which sugars 0,0 gr
  • Protein 25 gr
  • Salt 1,2 gr

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“Lavandino” – Pecorino refined with lavender flowers


Product code

Unit of measurement

Type of packaging
Vacuum form

Weight per Shape
About 1300 grams

Box shapes
1 piece

Storage conditions
In the refrigerator from +2 °C to +6 °C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from +2°C to +6°C

Product life with sealed packaging
About 90 days

Minimum order
1 shape

Environmental labeling

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