Product description

This cheese is made of 50% sheep and 50% cow’s milk from Tuscany. After a thin rind has formed we wash it and wrap it in aromatic hay. 
It comes wrapped in hay, just like a typical “fiasco”, a traditional Tuscan wine bottle (wrapped in hay).
It is available only on request and is delivered one month after the hay refining period has been completed, to ensure the aromas have pervaded the cheese rind.
After buying it, remove the cheese from its wrap and let it breathe for a couple of hours before slicing. Remove the rind which has been in contact with the hay and is also mouldy, if washed it would deprive the cheese of all the aromas and flavours absorbed till then.

Ingredients: pasteurised sheep and cow MILK, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt.
Weight: Approximately 1 Kg.
Packing: wrapped in hay.
Shelf life of packed product: 90 days.


Cheese characteristics after it has been removed from hay

SHAPE: it has an irregular longish “gianduiotto” like shape with three slightly rounded surfaces and very rounded sides. The shape also resembles a big bar of soap.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: the thin bloomy rind is whitish to pale green or grey and changes depending on how long it has been in the hay, the type of hay and how it has been preserved, as well as other variables typical of artisanal cheese ageing.
INTERNAL FEATURES: the paste is white to pale yellow, soft and tender with a thin undercrust, while the holes may be irregular in shape and distribution.
ODOR: the first hint we perceive reminds us of dry hay, mushrooms and woodland undergrowth, mainly due to the bloomy rind. Inside, the cheese carries creamy and buttery scents with hints of yogurt.
FLAVOUR: it is very delicate, mildly salty and with low acidity. Availability: it is available only on request and one month after the hay treatment, with a minimum order of 12 pieces Food pairing: best if served on a cheese platter, but once the hay has been removed can also be used for cooking. Wine pairing: with white or red wines that are not very full bodied.

Availability: book in advance, we need at least one month to prepare it. Minimum of order 12 pieces

Food pairing: in a cheese plate, after taking off hay can be easily used in kitchen too.

Wine pairing: not full-body white or red wine

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“Infiascato” – Cheese wrapped like a ‘Fiasco’



Cheese is wrapped in a hay flask contained in a net

Weight per piece
800 grams

Pieces per box
4 pieces

Refrigerate from 0°C to +4 °C

Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Product life in sealed packing
30 days

Minimum order
12 pieces

Environmental labeling

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