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It is our JOY; in fact, it is a real pleasure for us to offer cheese that truly shows our love for this work. It may seem exaggerated but it is the pure truth, this cheese comes from traditional artisanal skills, as well as the love and care that our shepherd friend puts in his work and for his sheep.
We cannot describe it without first explaining all the work to make it and above all where it comes from. The young people carrying out this hard work have grown up sheep farming and making cheese. It is not a cheese factory and they carry out a completely manual cheese making process.
The well-being of their sheep and the ideal sanitary conditions in which they are kept is their first priority; the second one is their cheese making technique which is entirely carried out by hand.
They use raw milk and add only animal rennet but no enzymes to it; in fact, the micro biotic flora is the milk’s own. The curd is split manually into rice sized bits (using a special tool called “spino”), and then placed by hand in the draining moulds.
The salting takes place when it is dry.
One of the secrets that makes this cheese unique is how it is washed; in fact, this very treatment gives it a particular and special flavour.
In 2012 it was awarded first prize as best raw milk farm cheese at the ALMA CASEUS national competition.

unpasteurised sheep MILK, rennet and salt.
Weight: approximately 2.2 Kg.
Packing: without wrapping.
Shelf life of packed product: 120 days.


Cheese characteristics:
SHAPE: cylindrical with flat surfaces and straight sides, the edges are very rounded.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: it has a thin rind, which can be smooth but slightly irregular and a bit wrinkled in parts; the colour can be very pale to intense straw-yellow.
INTERNAL FEATURES: the paste is compact, creamy white, soft and slightly sticky when cut, the eyes are barely visible but change with the seasons.
ODOR: scents of cream, fresh butter, grass and flowers, some hints of sheep and barn.
FLAVOUR: slightly salty, some grass with hints of sheep and barn. Reasonably sticky and with good persistence.

Availability: Seasonal

Food Pairing:
it is great on a cheese platter, together with other cheeses made with pasteurised milk; it will definitely stand out because of its particular characteristics.
Wine Pairing: great with a young red wine like a Syrah or a Merlot.

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Pecorino Shepherd’s Joy – Raw Milk Cheese



Cylindrical (flat sides and straight but slightly rounded sides)

Weight per piece
2200 grams

Pieces per box
4 pieces

Refrigerate from +4°C to +8°C

Refrigerated from 4°C to +8°C

Product life in sealed packing
120 days

Minimum order
1 piece

Environmental labeling

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22 e 23 ottobre 2023


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