Product description

His name is Saverio, to continue to say it in rhyme, he is called the serious blue cheese (“Erborinato Serio”).
He also has a connection with the story between Pino (“the husband”) and Pinetta (“the wife”) … there could only be the third uncomfortable, that is, the lover of Pinetta. This cheese, defined as a “real Male”, has a compact, homogeneously blue-veined structure, a “sculpted physique” but above all a really strong and decisive character… and it can last a very long time.
The cheese for lovers of blue cheese, is not for everyone, but then it is certainly appreciated by those who taste it. This is not a cheese that is eaten 100 grams each, it is a cheese that is slowly appreciated and tasted in small pieces, strictly to be combined with a sweet wine to mitigate its grandeur.
If it is used in gastronomic preparations or in dishes, care must be taken not to exceed the quantity.
Aged for at least 150 days in our caves, it acquires a truly unique characteristic.

National Dairy Competition “Infiniti Blu”: in 2015 it received the “Targa di Eccellenza” (Plaque of Excellence), in 2016 the”Premio di Qualità Superiore” (Superior Quality Award) and in 2018 the “Premio di Qualità” (Quality Award).
National Dairy Competition “All’ombra della Madonnina” in 2015 won the Quality Award and in 2018 the Superior Quality Award.

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat MILK, lactic acid bacteria, rennet, salt and molds of penicillium roqueforti.

Size:Variable from kg 2.8 to kg 4.5 approx.
Packaging: shape wrapped in aluminised paper
Duration of the packaged product: 45 days

Product Features:
: cylindrical with flat faces and straight sides, with slightly rounded edge;
External appearance: the rind is mouldy and slightly wrinkled, has a hard consistency and has a light gray color and darker spots due to mold on the outside, you can see on both sides of the holes drilled to allow the entry of oxygen during the stage of maturation;
Internal appearance: compact, slightly crumbly paste with homogeneous distribution of mould, ivory white paste and blue-blue marbling, but also sage green and light grey, although the hard crust has a very thin nail;
Odour: typical and characteristic animal scent of stall Ircino, followed by the vegetable mushroom porcini and undergrowth, as well as the characteristic ammoniacal scent that can be more intense as the ripening increases;
Taste: medium salty, pungent and very spicy with a high persistence, with a medium sweetness and a slight acidity in the finish.

Availability: all year round, almost always available.

Food pairings: cheese for meditation, but can be used at any time of the meal and in any way. Whether as an aperitif, as an appetizer, in a plate of cheese served last will give character and importance to the assortment. It can be used for first courses, for risottos, but also for fillings of fresh pasta, as a sauce for a second course, and finally as an end to a meal with a sweet wine.

Oenological pairings: Tuscan sweet Vin Santo, a malvasia, a late harvest, a Aleatico from Elba or a passito from Pantelleria, always to stay in Italy.

MEDIUM NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 grams of product:

  • Energy value kcal 362
  • Energy value KJ 1500
  • Protein 21,1 grams
  • Carbohydrates <0,1 gram of which sugars <0,1 gram
  • Fats 30,81 grams of which saturated fatty acids 18,44 grams
  • Salt 1,62 grams

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK derivatives.

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SAVERIO “the lovers” – hot blue cheese of goat’s milk’

Product code

Unit of measurement

Type of packaging
Whole shape with aluminium paper wrapping

Weight per shape
Approx. 2.8/4.5 kg

Box Packs
1 shape

Storage conditions
In the refrigerator from 0°C to +4°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Product life with sealed packaging
45 days

Minimum order
1 box

Environmental labeling

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