Product description

This is a marbled goat milk cheese great for lovers of marbled cheese and, thanks to a well-defined flavour, to many others as well. Pino is the husband while Pinetta is his wife, the gentle and more delicate of the two. Mr. Pino is in fact strong, rough and rustic. This wonderful cheese should be fully enjoyed with meals and also as a meditation cheese! Wonderful for antipasto and can also be used in the kitchen for cooking. Our Pino is perfect anywhere!

The ageing period varies from 3 to 5 months at natural and constant temperature in our caves.

In 2014 he obtained the QUALITY AWARD, while in 2015 was awarded the prize of EXCELLENCE in the national dairy contest INFINITI BLU, dedicated to blue cheese that is held every year in Gorgonzola.

Ingredients: pasteurised goat MILK, live milk enzymes, rennet, salt and penicillium roqueforti yeast.
Weight: Approximately 4,5 Kg.
Packing: wrapped in aluminium foil.
Shelf life of packed product: 120 days.


Cheese characteristics:
SHAPE: cylindrical with flat surfaces, straight sides and slightly rounded edges.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: the rind is slightly wrinkled, of medium consistency, generally covered with a layer of mould and is a natural light grey colour with some darker spots; the holes in the two sides made to allow the entry of oxygen during ageing are visible.
INTERNAL FEATURES: the paste is compact and smooth with regular green/blue veins, and an even distribution of mould, while the centre of the cheese is ivory white, changing to intense straw-yellow near the rind, showing a thin undercrust.
ODOR: it releases the typical sheep, goat and barn scents combined with a smell of dried porcini mushrooms, woodland undergrowth and butter.
FLAVOUR: salty, medium pungency and spiciness which tends to dissolve becoming sweeter and a bit acidic.

Availability: limited.

Food pairing: this is a meditation cheese that can be served at any point of the meal and in different ways. As an antipasto, with aperitivo on a cheese platter it will enhance the variety served. It can be used to make main courses like risotto or in stuffed pasta like ravioli, and to make sauces for side dishes or as a dessert cheese paired with a sweet wine

Wine pairing: best paired with a sweet Tuscan Vin Santo, Malvasia, a late harvest wine, an Aleatico from Elba Island or Passito from Pantelleria.

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Pino “the Husband” – Hard Goat’s Blue Cheese



One piece wrapped in tin-foil

Weight per piece
4,2 kg

Pieces per box
1 piece

Refrigerate from 0°C to +4°C

Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Product life in sealed packing
45 days

Minimum order
1 box

Environmental labeling

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