Product description

The name in the beginning was supposed to be La Supercazzola. Why? Because the answer to the question of how seasoned the cheese is would have been: Quintana or sect. Then we tried to describe this cheese, which is produced with a typical milk, dairyed in a particular way, seasoned in an unconventional way, colored in an original way. So, we left the name. Also, not least, to follow up on our line of cheeses dedicated to the saga of the ‘my friend’ or our already well-known Antani, Prematurata and Sbiriguda cheeses, a cheese of this name was really good for us.

But once the aesthetic realization of the cheese was completed, we went back to the name and decided to call it POPPART since each form is made in an original way. There is no one cheese that is the same as the other. For the moment, the artists are within our company, but in the future we would like to open up to the possibility of having the artistic work made on the form by some contemporary painter.

A real creative expression of milk, this is a cheese that cannot be explained, just like for art! …So why not call it POPPART?!

Each color corresponds to a flavor, different every time, but which always comes from the same cheese. An irresistible and stimulating bite for the taste buds. One thing is absolutely certain, its taste POPs because it is a cheese for all palates, even the most demanding!

It is born from a milk of the highest quality, milked above 1200 meters. And, after an indefinite time of refinement, dictated by an indefinite time and an almost mystical aroma, we also change it through color, letting our imagination travel, intoxicated by its scent!

The classic cheese to be enjoyed with good bread and. If it is the season, a beautiful abbot pear or two walnuts. Nothing else is needed to have the right satisfaction.

Even more particular is the fact that it is made with microbial coagulant, so even for those who are vegetarian and lactose-free for those who are intolerant, it is put on the market after about 12 months of aging in a cave.

The crust is not edible.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s MILK, lactic ferments, microbial coagulant and salt. Surface treated with preservative E235 (Natamicin), and charcoal dyes, E171, E150, E172, E102, E555.
Size: from about 9 kg
Packaging: naked whole shape
Shelf life of the packaged product:90 days

Product Features:
Shape: cylindrical, barefoot even if slightly convex and flat faces 28 cm in diameter;
External appearance: hard and smooth crust, with a slight canvas texture in the faces of varied and different color depending on the painting;
Internal appearance compact paste, hard and crumbly, with slight bumps and inside, present tyrosine granules, ivory in color and a thin nail;
Smell:on the nose it has notes of melted butter, vegetable such as dried fruit, fruity and an intense toast reminiscent of coffee, an animal scent of low intensity;
Taste: sweet and savory, intense but pleasant on the palate, but it is not aggressive, slightly spicy, with this note of toast that is a bit reminiscent of coffee, with a very long persistence.

Availability: Limited.

Gastronomic pairings::  Great cheese to be enjoyed both as an aperitif, on the cheese plate, in appetizers with cold cuts, but also as a second or at the end of a meal.

Oenological pairings: it can be combined with large structured white wines, even if it is much better with reds, or a structured bubble.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 grams of product

  • Energy value KJ 1791 – kcal 432
  • Fats gr 36
  • Of which saturated fatty acids gr 25
  • Carbohydrates gr 0
  • Of which sugars gr 0
  • Protein gr 27
  • Salt gr 1.9

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK derivatives.

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Product code

Unit of measurement

Shape Type
Each Shape has a different and unique painting

Weight per piece
Approx. 9 kg

Pieces per box:
1 piece

Storage conditions
Refrigerated at +4°C to +8°C

Refrigerated 0°C to +8°C

Product life in sealed package
Approx. 90 days

Minimum order quantity
1 form

Environmental labeling

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