Product description

After so many fictional names chosen in a prudent, imaginative  witty way, it is the turn of this name, which may seem strange, but instead for Andrea it’s the celebration of an important birthday and at the same time a memory of a motorcycle trip to Sardinia with his childhood friends. This cheese is a reserve of buffalo aged over a year. But, it wants to be more – already at the first taste you can feel that it is not an everyday cheese but an anniversary cheese, celebratory, tasting but with a great pleasure of consumption.

The name FUFFA, which in itself hides a meaning of something cheap, or of little value or even a lot of
appearance and little substance… in reality, the name of this cheese means the opposite! And also a bit of a
superb way of saying …. 'everything else is crap !!!'

We recommend the purchase and tasting of this great cheese, masterfully processed by the producer,
matured just as well. In short, well done in all its nuances.

It is striking its pleasantness at the taste. It is not a demanding cheese. Indeed it adapts to all palates from
children to the elderly. But, at the same time it will effect even the most experienced in tasting since it
manages to give pleasant emotions given its aromatic complexity.

The crust is not edible, so it must be removed.

Ingredients: Pasteurized buffalo MILK, LACTIC ferments, rennet, salt. Treated in crust with anatto dye

Size: Approximately 5 kg
Packaging:vacuum form
Shelf life of the packaged product: 65 days

Product features :

Shape: cylindrical with flat faces, sometimes slightly convex and sides straight and slightly convex, with
blunt edge;

External appearance: the crust is hard and is slightly canestrato due to the mould where the shape that
imprints these scratches on the cheese is made, and the intense orange color due to the annatto dye that is
sprinkled on the crust;

Internal appearance: loaded ivory-colored paste, semi-hard and compact, slightly grainy and dry, with fine
and medium eyes evenly distributed. It also has a medium nail of more intense color than the paste;

Smell: as a first sensation prevails the lactic of cooked butter, vegetable of fermented grass and boiled
potato, but also a slight sensation of dried fruit and a delicate hint of clean animal;

Taste: medium sweet, medium-low salty, low acidity, bitterness is not perceived, and has an average

Availability: Rare product and with limited quantities.Gastronomic pairings: can be used at any time of the meal and in any way. Whether as an aperitif, as an
appetizer, in a cheese plate as a main course.
Wine pairings: Textured white wine and full-bodied red, but also an elegant bubble wine.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 grams of product:

  • Energy value KJ 2479 – kcal 597
  • Fats gr 46.4
  • Of which saturated fatty acids gr 39
  • Carbohydrates gr 2,8
  • Of which sugars gr 2,8
  • Proteins gr 42
  • Salt gr 1,8

ALLERGENs: MILK snd MILK derivatives.

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Fuffa DèMagi

Product Code

Unit of measurement

Package type
Vacuum form

Weight per form
Approximately 5 kg

Packages per package
1 form

Storage conditions
In a refrigerator from 0°C to +4°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Shelf life with sealed package
60 days

Minimum order
1 form

Environmental labeling

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