Product description

A witty and pleasant cheese to look at, almost eclectic in colours, which reflects the carnival character it represents.

This cheese is produced with three different types of milk (cow, sheep and goat) and is defined as a lactic-rennet process, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, it is very appetizing and tasty thanks to its high acidity, which all in all is balanced compared to the rest of the flavors.

We sprinkled ground cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, spinach and beetroot on the top.

The rind is edible.

Ingredients: Cow’s MILK, sheep’s MILK and pasteurized goat’s MILK, pasteurized CREAM, rennet, salt, ground cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, spinach and beetroot.
Size: about 300 gr
Packaging: form wrapped in cellophane
Duration of the packaged product: 20 days

Form: cylindrical with irregular flat faces and irregular convex heel
External appearance: very thin and slightly wrinkled, moist and sticky crust due to the penicillium candidum which spreads outside, but also due to the humidity of the product itself and the addition of powdered spices, its color can vary from milky white to ivory, and it can form mold during maturation which, if white, it’s edible, if green, it will have to be removed, but does not preclude the characteristics of the cheese
Internal appearance: it presents itself with an unobtrusive, compact, almost chalky texture, but in an uneven way
Odor: smells like yogurt to the nose, fresh butter and a light animal scent of clean fleece, but we also find the characteristic smell of spices with which it is characterized.
Taste: medium sweet, medium acidic, slightly salty and a hint of bitterness with hints of fresh grass, it has an initially adhesive paste but then highly soluble, of medium persistence.

Availability: being a seasonal product, it can only be available upon reservation and only in the period preceding the carnival.
Food pairings: to be used to embellish a cheese plate or excellent in an appetizer together with cold cuts.
Wine pairings: a structured white wine or a full-bodied red.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 g of product:

  • Energy value KJ 1075 – kcal 259
  • Fat 22 g
    of which saturated fatty acids 15 g
  • Carbohydrates 2.9 g
    of which sugars 2.8 g
  • Protein 12 g
  • Salt 1.25 g

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK derivatives.

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Product code

Unit of measure

Packaging type
Hand-wrapped mold

Weight for each shape
Approximately 300g

Packages per package
4 molds

Storage conditions
In the refrigerator from +4°C to +8°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from +4°C to +8°C

Product life in sealed package
20 days

Minimum order
1 package (4 pieces)

Environmental labeling

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