Product description

After the Castana and the Mora could not miss the BIONDA!

This is the usual raw-milk blue cheese from cows’ milk, but in this case aged in witch liqueur with vanilla, cinnamon and pineapple. We dared too!? Of course, even in this case it is a cheese that becomes a dessert, that the aging certainly changes the approach to its consumption and use, but the judgment should be given after tasting it, perhaps in sequence after tasting the other two of the family. Also in this we can find our work of the Alchimia de’ Formaggi, being able to calibrate and weigh well the dosages to give the cheese different organoleptic characteristics, sometimes not classifying them almost as cheeses, but as emotional products.


It has a compact and soft structure, moist and at the same time crumbly inside, it creates a bit of difficulty in cutting since it will always have to be served with a little pineapple and possibly the outside or under crust that has come more into contact with the witch liqueur and spices.

A cheese with balanced flavours and complex aromas, but at the same time well identifiable. The paste is very savoury, with lactic, animal and vegetable sensations.


A cheese to be enjoyed without a doubt at the end of a meal, if you like, instead of a dessert, with a fine dessert wine to accompany it.
We like to call it also a cheese for meditation, given its pleasantness, even for an after-dinner, can also hold up spirits.

It has no crust so you can eat everything, indeed it must be used the care to taste a piece inside and outside.


Ingredients: Raw cow’s milk, lactic acid bacteria, rennet, salt, penicillium roqueforti, pineapple in glucose syrup, witch liqueur, vanilla powder and cinnamon powder.
Size: about 3.0 kg.
Packaging: shape wrapped in aluminised paper and vacuum-packed.
Duration of the packaged product: 30 days.

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK proteins.

Product features:
Shape: cylindrical with flat faces and straight heel and slightly rounded edge;
External appearance: it has no rind, the pieces of pineapple are present on both sides and are completely covered with this bath which gives it a yellow colour;
Internal appearance: the paste is soft, moist, tends to break during cutting, especially if a suitable knife is not used, the colour varies from ivory white to straw yellow, the marbling varies in colour from blue to green to grey, with an even and regular distribution of mould;
Odour: at first alcoholic-acid, fruity pineapple, spicy cinnamon and slightly vanilla, stable animal, followed by porcini mushroom vegetable and hints of undergrowth;
Flavour: high flavour, medium sweetness, medium acidity, obviously eating the pineapple together. High persistence.


Availability: very limited.

Food pairings: we absolutely recommend it as an end of meal cheese, for dessert or meditation.

Oenological pairings: Any sweet dessert wine, but also some super alcoholic.

MEDIUM NUTRITIONAL VALUES  per 100 gr of product:

  • Energy value kcal 406
  • Energy value KJ 1679
  • Fats 35,35 gr
    of which saturated fatty acids 24,1 gr
  • Carbohydrates 0,83 gr
    of which sugars 0,83 gr
  • Protein 21,03 gr
  • Salt 3,08 gr

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“LA BIONDA” – The Blonde raw cow’s milk with pineapple

Product code

Unit of measurement

Type of packaging
Wrapped form with foil + vacuum

Weight per pack
About 3 Kg

Box Packs
1 shape

Storage conditions
In the refrigerator from 0°C to +4°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Product life with sealed packaging
30 days

Minimum order
1 shape

Environmental labeling

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