Product description

To this scamorza cheese has been given the shape of piglets and is handmade from the beginning of the process to the end; it can be either white or smoked on request. Ideal to use in several recipes and to garnish a buffet meal. After the milk is pasteurized the enzymes and rennet are added to it. The coagulation takes 20-40 min. at a temperature of about 30°-35°C., the curd is then broken into hazel nut-sized bits and let deposit on the bottom of the cauldron. After a few hours when the paste is mature,  it is cut into 1 cm-thick strips, placed in water at 75°-85°C and spun and finally it is given the desired shape, which in this case requires experience and manual skill. The piglets are first cooled under running water, and then soaked in brine for about 30 min.

For the smoked ones, they are cold-smoked (with beech wood chips, below 18°C).

Ingredients: whole cow MILK, salt, rennet.
Weight: approximately 250 g piglets.
Packing: heat sealed tray.
Shelf life of packed product: 20 days.


Cheese characteristics:
SHAPE: piglets the size of scamorza or mozzarella.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: the caramel coloured skin is smooth, glossy , uniform and of medium consistency.
INTERNAL FEATURES: the paste is creamy white, stringy and soft, when cut it is uniform and even.
ODOR: it carries an intense smoky scent from the natural smoking process.
FLAVOUR: tasty, mildly salty and pungent due to the smoking process.

Availability: all year, but must be ordered.

Food pairing: Can be eaten cold with tomatoes, green salad and any vegetable, however, for best results we recommend eating it warm, either warmed in an oven, microwave or a pan, but make sure it is warm.

Wine pairing: very tannic red wine.

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Piglets Scamorza DeMagi



Styrofoam box

Weight per piece
5 kg

Piglets per box
10 pair

Refrigerate from 0°c at +4°C

Refrigerate from 0°c at +4°C

Product life in sealed packing
20 days

Minimum order
1 box

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