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1st place “il Mascalzone”, 3rd place with “il Giovane”


During the CaseoArt 2014 Competition or the 6th SAN LUCIO TROPHY, where we participated for the second time, also in this edition, we came out rewarded. But even before explaining what types of prizes we have won, it is necessary to give you some numbers, essential to better understand the size and importance of the prizes received: In this competition the cheeses were divided into 33 categories, with a total of 334 cheeses entered in the competition, all of Italy was well represented with as many as 32 participating provinces, 13 regions involved (among which the largest cheeses in order of quantity came from Lombardy, Tuscany, Veneto, Puglia, Emilia, Piedmont, Sicily , etc…). We participated in the category “fresh sheep’s milk cheeses” in competition with both Tuscan and other regional pecorinos, a total of 12 cheeses entered in this category and we placed 3rd classified with IL GIOVANE.

But the greatest satisfaction came to us again in the category “seasoned sheep’s milk cheeses” in competition were mainly Tuscan pecorino cheeses in total 15 cheeses entered, managing to be 1st classified with IL MASCALZONE. Another important thing to note is that among all the 33 winners, in the final, with our Mascalzone we finished in the top 7! The satisfaction is double for this additional first place, given that two years ago we finished first with another cheese ( il croccolo) in the same category, gives us an important signal, it means that even if we have changed “player” we have still won the same competition, this means that our quality level is high, but not due to our personal conviction, but because it is evaluated by other people based on the quality and appreciation of the cheese itself compared to other similar products from other companies in Italy.

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