Product description

One of the best known and most prestigious Italian cheeses in the world. We can also call it unique for its characteristics, since although in other parts of the world excellent blue cheeses are produced, Gorgonzola DOP is and remains a cheese with unique peculiarities of its kind in structure and flavor.

Obviously, it is not refined by us, since it is a PDO, but our selection work has been long and difficult. In fact, to choose what we have decided to date as our producer it has been the result of analyses, tastings and tests that have led us to mature the choice that is not only about organoleptic or structural characteristics, but reliability and seriousness of the producer. We have chosen a cheeesemaker that for his characteristics more resembles our working visions.

We could tell you how beautiful it is and how good it is, but already many sites do this. We focus ourselves on telling you the reasons for our choice and presenting you the differences of the various types of Gorgonzola that we have included in our assortment. This Gorgonzola DOP is sweet and creamy but slightly more supported than the others of our assortment and is always available.

Cheese to be enjoyed at the end of a meal, just in place of dessert or in any case as a meditation.


Ingredients:Pasteurized MILK, salt, rennet.
Size: KApproximately 1.4 kg (one eighth of shape); approximately 6 kg (half shape); 12 kg (whole form)
Packaging: in aluminized paper
Shelf life of the packaged product: 30 days

Product Features:
: cylindrical with flat faces and straight barefoot with rounded edge;
External appearance: thin, slightly elastic, wrinkled, sometimes slightly cracked pinkish and non- homogeneous light brown crust;
Internal appearance: the paste is soft and in some places creamy, moist and deformable, the color of the paste is ivory and blue-gray blue, without eyes;
Smell: barn animal, followed by the vegetable with hints of undergrowth, a hint of ammonia and cooked lactic;
Taste: medium sweet, medium salty, low acidity and medium persistence.

Availability: always available.

Gastronomic pairings: highly recommended both for use in the kitchen, but also as a main course or cheese at the end of a meal.

Wine pairings: Any sweet dessert wine.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100 grams of product:

  • Energy value 319 kcal – 1323 kJ
  • Fats gr 27,12
  • Of which saturated fatty acids gr 14.63
  • Carbohydrates gr <1.0
  • Of which sugars gr <0,1
  • Proteins gr 18.80
  • Salt gr 1.88

ALLERGENS: MILK and MILK derivatives.

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Gorgonzola DOP DèMagi

Product code

Unit of measurement

Package type
wrapped in aluminum foil

Weight per package
About 1.4 kg (the eighth of a form cod 00340)

About 6 kg (the half form cod 00332)

Approx. 12 kg (the whole form cod 00339)

Packages per package
1 piece the half or whole and 4 pieces the eighths

Storage conditions
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Means of transport
Refrigerated from 0°C to +4°C

Shelf life with sealed package
30 days

Minimum order
1 piece

Environmental labeling

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