Product description

This raw paste cheese is made with pure sheep milk. Raw paste means that it has a specific first ageing period of about 45 days that can be extended to 60 days. It is young and delicate, great to be served with antipasto along with cold cuts as well as on a platter of cheese.

Ingredients: pasteurised sheep MILK, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt. The rind is treated with tomato sauce.
Weight: approximately 1.5 kg.
Packing: no wrapping (we can vacuum pack them if requested).
Shelf life of packed product: 180 days (vacuum packed: 120 days).


Cheese characteristics:
SHAPE: bowl-shaped, typical of all Tuscan pecorino cheeses, with two flat surfaces and rounded sides.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: a thin and semi-hard rind, uneven brick red in colour.
INTERNAL FEATURES: it is slightly chalky in texture, white to very pale yellow and a slightly darker undercrust; it can have very small eyes following an irregular pattern.
ODOR: definitely lactic acidy and yogurty, yet it is also fruity with an almond like aroma and a slight hint of sheep and barn.
FLAVOUR: initially it can be slightly acidic because of a short ageing period which dissolves overtime, becoming more balanced, with a hint of salt. It is slightly astringent but crumbles in the mouth. Medium persistence.

Availability: all year.
Food Pairing: it is the typical cheese used in a mixed Tuscan antipasto platter with “crostini” and cold cuts. The short ageing period makes it also a perfect cheese to serve along with red pepper and onion preserves.
Wine Pairing: perfect with a young not structured red wine.

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“Crosta Rossa” – Pecorino Red Rind semi-aged



Flat surfaces and slightly rounded sides

Weight per piece
1400 gr

Pieces per box
6 pieces

Refrigerate from +2 °C to +6 °C

Refrigerated from +2°C to +6°C

Product life in sealed packing
6 months

Minimum order
1 box

Environmental labeling

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