InfinitiBlu 2015 double excellence

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Among the 64 types of blue cheeses in the competition, among the 20 registered producers and refiners, out of 8 plates of excellence (which is the highest recognition), we were the only ones to get 2 with Pino the blue goat cheese (“the husband” ) and Saverio the blue cheese Serio (“the lover”). Then also two quality prizes with Briacacio di Pecora, thus repeating the success of 2014 and with Pinetta l’erborinato di capretta (“the wife”) repeating the success of 2013. This poker comes after last year’s poker with the difference that last year, out of 4 awards, three for Quality and one for Excellence, this year two Quality and two Excellence, therefore it demonstrates that slowly, as well as refining the cheeses, we too are refining. We have written, in parentheses of the three blue goats, wife, husband and lover, because in this way, playing with them, we describe their organoleptic characteristics, given that we have actually given them names of people: Pinetta, who is the wife, is sweet, kind, delicate at first entry into the mouth, but then after about 5/10 seconds it makes you feel all its temper which increases by stinging in the finish; her husband Pino, on the other hand, starts off a little rougher, gruff, grumpy or strong as soon as he puts it in the mouth, but in the finish it is decidedly sweet and delicate and its persistence is medium-high, therefore, not having a long shelf life we ​​tried to build Pinetta’s perfect lover: Saverio, the vigorous lover, is the symbol of virility, a macho, strong from start to finish and has a very high gustatory persistence… in fact it is not for everyone, but exclusively for lovers of this category. The awards ceremony took place in Brà (CN) during the most important cheese event called “CHEESE” where we were exhibitors and where we did workshops and tastings with our blue cheeses paired with high-level distillates and still others with the famous Baladin beer and the cigar Toscano.

Saverio diploma Pino diploma Pinetta 2015 Briacacio 2015

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