Infiniti Blù 2014, a success!

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Saturday 20 September, in Gorgonzola, in the context of the 2014 edition of Infiniti Blu, National Dairy Competition and event of excellence dedicated to the world of blue cheeses that ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters) Milan Delegation and the Slow Food Gorgonzola and Martesana Convivium organize for 7 years already. Infiniti Blu is an exhibition dedicated exclusively to blue cheeses, i.e. all those in which a variegated mold is widespread which can present colors that go from sage green to a particular ultramarine blue, but also grey, white, etc. Cheeses characterized by a more or less soft and melting texture, crossed by slightly or intensely spicy veins. Not only cheeses with a long and glorious tradition such as Gorgonzola DOP, in the two versions “sweet” and “spicy”, but also goat, sheep, buffalo, or mixed milk products; products refined in particular environments and with the use of sometimes unusual essences. They are the “blue cheeses” capable of arousing intense sensations. They are among the most loved and most envied cheeses abroad. After 5 hours of demanding work, the 18 Onaf Master Tasters concluded the evaluations of the cheeses entered in the Dairy Competition, presented anonymously. As part of the severe sensory evaluation, the judges used specific cards through which they investigated many different parameters, such as the presentation of the wheel, the marbling (quantity, distribution and characteristics of the mould), the taste-olfactory characteristics. Among the 51 registered champions, the Affinatore Andrea Magi of the De’ Magi Company of the same name obtained 4 successes out of 4 or registered 4 of his various blue cheeses and obtained 3 Superior Quality Recognition plates (more than 73 points out of 100) and with one cheese it surpassed the score of 83 points out of 100, reaching the coveted Targa di Eccellenza. The awarded cheeses were: Gobbo di Picche, three-milk blue cheese refined with vegetable charcoal [quality award] BRIACacio Vaccino, cow’s milk blue cheese refined with rum and raisins used for the production of the well-known Panbriacone dessert [quality award] Pino, goat’s milk blue cheese [premium of quality] Finally, the award of excellence to BRIA Cacio di Pecora, sheep’s milk blue cheese refined with rum and raisins used for the production of the well-known sweet Panbriacone [award of excellence] In the last 4 years, every time De’ Magi has entered its cheeses in national-level dairy competitions, there have always been successes and podium placements, especially first places in particular, this is the thing that makes all of the company’s collaborators most proud, who are not only interested in taking care of sales, but above all to take care of the cheese to make it grow and transform it from good to excellent, and it’s not a trivial matter. On the occasion of the Salone del Gusto in Turin on Saturday 25 October, at the Slow Food Lombardia stand the awards ceremony was held.

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