De’ Magi wins 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze at the World Cheese Awards 2017

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WCA 2017-2018Andrea Magi of the De’ Magi Company of Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) was nominated among the winners at the 30th World Cheese Awards in London, standing out from the rest, as over 3,000 cheeses were judged in a single day at the Tobacco Dock in London on Friday 17 November.

De’ Magi out of 5 registered cheeses has been awarded as many coveted prizes: Gold medal for “Pecorino Croccolo”, aged in a cave for about 8 months and for the blue goat’s cheese called “Pinetta”, Silver medal for another “Pecorino Riserva” aged for at least 12 months in a cave named “Mascalzone” and for the mountain cow’s cheese, aged for at least six months named “Antani”, finally the Bronze medal for the award-winning Blue sheep aged named “Briacacio”.

This competition, now in its thirtieth edition, has set a real record, not only for the high number of cheeses entered, but since the cheeses came from 35 different countries in the world, so the winning of these 5 awards, have an even more important significance given the truly international context that has taken this competition.

De’ Magi participated in 2015 with only one cheese the Goat, winning a Silver medal, so in 2017 decided to try again with cheeses that already represent a reason of pride for the company, since they are already cheeses much appreciated by consumers since they are among the most popular and sold. Croccolo 1bisPinetta bisAntani 2bisMascalzone bisBriacacio bisProbably, the explanation of why they are so sold is easy to understand, as they are able to excel in terms of quality even with other great cheeses registered from around the world.

The jury consisted of 230 experts, and brought together more countries than ever, representing six continents and 29 different countries, from South Africa and Japan to Mexico and the United States, to taste, smell and classify all 3,001 cheeses in one day, thus selecting the best.

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