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Also the “PEOPLE” rewards our “Bishop”, to our first participation in this Competition, organized by the magazine Formaggi&Consumi, in collaboration with the “Viaggiator Goloso”and “TUTTOFOOD”.
This is the second edition of the Cheese for People Awards, an award that aims to enhance the typical Italian cheeses chosen directly by consumers.
The event was held in Milan, in the shop of the “Viaggiator Goloso” in the Street Belisario. From Wednesday, May 2 to Tuesday, May 8, all customers of the store had the opportunity to taste and vote for their favorite cheese.
Tastings of the various categories of cheese were made “in the dark”, so as to ensure the fairness and transparency of the prize. Customers were then asked to vote for the cheese they liked the most through a special voting form.

During the award ceremony held on Thursday 10 May in the “Palazzo dei Giureconsulti”, on the occasion of Milano Food City, we were presented with the first prize for the “Bishop” in the category of soft cheeses.

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