Product description

Scamorza is spun-paste cheese like mozzarella, only drier, made with whole pasteurized cow milk. These “bundles”  or  fagottini are of scamorza spun-paste, first rolled into a sheet, cut into “panzerotti”  (a small version of calzone)and stuffed with a variety of ingredients such as ham, stuffed olives and mushrooms. After they have been cooled they are smoked to acquire a distinctive smoky aroma and flavour. For best results, we recommend serving  warm, either warming them up in the oven, microwave or in a pan, as long as it is warm.

Ingredients: pasteurised cow MILK, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt. Stuffed with ham and olives.
Weight: approximately 250 g. each (each tray contains four pieces).
Packing: comes in a heat sealed tray.
Shelf life of packed product: 20 days.


Cheese characteristics:
SHAPE:  vaguely looks like a rounded half-moon.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: the caramel coloured skin is thin, dry and elastic. The colour is not even and depends on the intensity of the smoke in some spots.
INTERNAL FEATURES: the paste is straw yellow, elastic, compact and stringy.
ODOR: carries an intense smoky scent.
FLAVOUR: quite salty but sweet and a bit pungent due to the smoky flavour.

Availability: all year, but must be ordered.

Food pairing: should be eaten warm; when warmed it releases the best of its aromas and flavours.

Wine pairing: very tannic red wine.

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Smoked Filled Fagottino Scamorza DeMagi



Heat-sealed pan

Weight per piece
1 kg per pan (ve ne sono 4 pezzi)

Pieces per box
2 pans

Refrigerate from 0°c at +4°C

Refrigerate from 0°c at +4°C

Product life in sealed packing
20 days

Minimum order
1 box

Environmental labeling

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