A perfected cheese
is the result of a path of very particular work,
born of patience, experimentation, and love of the affineur.

Once a cheese is selected, my experience and ability allow me to modify and intensify the flavour by using natural techniques, selecting the place with a particular microclimate for maturing the cheese – like a cave or cellar – or having the cheese mature in olive leaves. Perseverance is the fundamental characteristic of a true affineur, combined with special care and the joy of research.
This care brings forth unique flavours, which are able to surprise and excite the palate of those who are attentive to flavour and taste.

The De’ Magi Cheeses are divided into two product lines:
the Refined, dedicated to uniquely refined cheese and Selection, a line which contains exceptional cheese, chosen among the best Italian products.

De' Magi is the story of a passion, that of Andrea Magi, the alchemist affineur.

“To Refine” means to perfect, transform matter, make it better. It is research, experimenting and the study of the processes that confer the aromas and a unique flavor.

I like the term alchemist as a description of my work, because it is my desire to experiment and test, enjoy myself by thinking up new ageing methods, maybe try to age the cheese with rosemary or laurel. I want to try many times and to see what the result will be. Maybe a small production, but each time trying to do something new so as to surprise those who will want to taste not only pecorinos, but unique pieces made to be tasted and enjoyed. The work of searching for the best pairing, that is to taste that particular pecorino with a specific pairing off, always falls within the alchemist theme.

Combining two components will create a different chemistry that will lead to a flavour which is different from the one given by each component, this is alchemy!

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